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Find a passion and pursue it. Dance through life. Fall in love. Dream big. Laugh everyday. Believe in magic. Travel often. Tell stories. Learn more. Be creative. Spend time with people you admire. Seize opportunities when they reveal themselves. Love with all your heart. Never give up. Be Alternative. Do what you love. Be true to who you are. Make time to enjoy the simple things in life. Be inspired. Spend time with family. Take time out and tune in. Connect with nature everyday. Forgive even when it's difficult. Be grateful. Follow your bliss to abundance. Be empowered. Discover new things. Embrace change. Trust in yourself. Be thankful. Be nice to everyone. Be happy. Live for today. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness and above all.........make every moment count!


Introducing White by Aura. Representing the light that radiates from within. Inspired by the art form of Kundalini Yoga. Pure spirit and peaceful heart. We visualize each woman who wear this collection to flow with life with effortless grace. A seeker of truth, who deeply cares and is in love with loving life. She is a woman who radiates light.

Aura has been created out of love for the feminine spirit.
Born out of the desire for women to express on the outside the beauty that shines from within.
Letting a woman's uniqueness reflect from her soul and touch the world.
Do you love to live life to the fullest and dance to a different beat?
Aura has been made especially with you in mind.
Do you love versatile clothing that look elegant and stylish in and out of the studio?
Aura has been made especially with you in mind.
Do you love clothing that has been ethically made with love from Bali?
Aura has been made especially with you in mind.


Not feeling inspired on what to wear to your next dance class?

July 22, 2014

Fed up of all the same looking dance gear? Want to feel and look feminine? Then this may just be what you are looking for....Whether you love Nia, Soul Motion, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Journey Dance, Dancing Freedom , Prana Flow with Shiva Rea or Chakra Dance my invitation this week is to LOVE YOUR UNIQUENESS and step into your next dance class feeling amazing from the inside out!For me dance is sacred, I know with every fibre of my being I am meant to dance in this lifetime. I feel blessed that my movement practice is my spiritual practice. I am passionate about living in a healthy body, moving in ways that enhances my sensory experience and connects me... Continue Reading →

Overcoming any concern's about buying clothing online : Aura's must read guide

July 22, 2014

Do you have a concern or fear about buying clothing online?Shopping online can be very convenient, saving a lot of time and energy. Now it is easier than ever to buy something from the other side of the world and have it delivered to your doorstep within a few days or a week. Gorgeous unique thing's from exotic places like Bali! How cool is that!? However that said still many people shy away from buying clothing online and this I understand is for perfectly valid reasons.This week I want to help you conquer any fears and concerns, so you can shop online with us with ease and peace of mind.I know from personal experience that my fears have held me... Continue Reading →

Get Your Zen On

July 16, 2014

How would your life alter if you were mindful of every activity? Do you wish to live simply, to sense peace and calm throughout your day, no matter what challenges you are faced with? Zen monks have for hundreds of years devoted their lives to being fully present in everything they do. Dedicated to serving others. Thich Nhat Hanh is a well loved Zen Master and Teacher. Through his teachings he offers principles that can be applied to any life, no matter what your religious beliefs are. "Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, bears your signature" by Thich Nhat Hanh This week I wish to invite you to experience more balance and harmony in your... Continue Reading →



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